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Hassan II Academy
of Science and Technology

His Majesty The King Hassan II
Founder of the Acade

According to the wishes of His Majesty the King Hassan II, blessed be his soul, the Hassan-II Academy of Science and Technology is a place of high thinking, where men and women whose talent, enlightenment and wisdom have earned them a prominent standing within the international scientific community work to foster moral serenity in society and to achieve the material prosperity of the nation as well as its intellectual advancement by pondering on how to provide mankind with enlightenment and guidance in its effort to usher in a new era.

The fact that mastering sciences is nowadays is an essential complement to national sovereignty, the Academy lies within a strong conviction that i) creativity and innovation in science and technology have a significant impact on social and economic developments in modern nations and ii) the scientific research policies have to be reshaped and attuned to human needs, and their technical applications have to be kept within overriding ethical boundaries.
Placed under the guardian protection of His Majesty the King Mohammed VI, the Hassan-II Academy of Science and Technology has the mission of promoting and developing the scientific and technical research, contributing at setting the general orientations for the scientific and technological development, making pertinent recommendations regarding the national priorities in terms of research, evaluating the research programs and ensuring their grants and contributing at integrating the Moroccan scientific and technical research activities within the national and international socio-economical environments.
The academy is composed of 90 members. 30 of them are national members holding resident status, 30 are foreigners scientists and are qualified as associates and 30 corresponding members composed by both national and foreigner scientific personalities.

Missions ( extracts of the law )

The Hassan-II Academy of Science and Technology is a dynamic organisation that seeks to achieve the general objectives set above and mainly the followings:

  • Promotion and development of scientific and technical research
  • ° Ensure that scientific and technical research ranks high among the values upheld by the nation;
  • ° Propose to the authorities the relevant routes and means to kindle the scientific spirit within the Moroccan society;
  • ° Provide local scientists and researchers with a special forum for debate and interaction;
  • ° Foster high-level communication channels between national scientists and the international scientific elite;
  • ° Work for the dissemination of science by organizing panels and scientific events, publishing relevant material, and opening science libraries;
  • ° Review and evaluate the scientific findings and innovations submitted for its consideration;
  • ° Ensure that the scientific and technical research exercises are made within the moral and ethical prescriptions.
  • National policy for scientific and technical research
  • ° Contribute at setting the general orientations for the scientific and technological development;
  • ° Put forward recommendations about priorities and how to achieve the nation’s targets in terms of research;
  • ° Contribute to the elaboration of scientific human resources policy capable of attracting high-profile scientists and, more importantly, promoting an adequate intellectual and material environment so as to provide talented Moroccan researchers who are sought or employed by foreign research laboratories and centers, with an efficient incentive to stay in their country;
  • ° Monitor continuously the progress made in the field of technology for the benefit of the nation.
  • Evaluation and funding of scientific and technical research programs:
  • ° Carry out studies, analyses and surveys in connection with research activities;
  • ° Encourage the implementation of research programs which have been set in accordance with national priorities, determine their relevance and scientific value, and, when necessary, allocate hem appropriate financial resources;
  • ° Assess the implementation of research programs sponsored by the Academy, and to take all the relevant steps to enhance the resources of existing and projected research laboratories and other facilities.
  • Integration of scientific and technical research activities in the social and economic environment at national and international levels.
  • ° Propose to the relevant authorities the modalities on scientific and technical cooperation for participating in regional or international research programs; and provide advises on the evaluation of the activities carried out by the national research institutions involved in these programs;
  • ° Help to establish the adequate mechanisms for consultation, on a permanent basis, between the research and technical innovation community and its social and economic counterparts.

Functioning of the Academy

The Academy organizes one plenary session a year, where the general public maybe admitted upon invitation. The plenary session should also gather the maximum possible of its members, residents, associates and corresponding members. It provides also a unique national tribune for local scientists to present their work and their scientific and technical findings.

Ordinary sessions are also held among the resident members for studying various problems related to the national priorities in terms of research and technology and discuss and evaluate the submitted reports and projects


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